Malibu Invest Private

Thanks for visiting Malibu Invest Private. ! All the information on this site is free for you to read. It shares a little bit about me, my trading ideas, and many of the rules you’ll need to be a better trader. If, at any time you’d like to subscribe to my private feed (@malibuprivate) simply click on the button at the bottom of any page.


Why the Wave logo above?

We’ll for starters, the wave represents the movement of the stock market; both up AND down. Yes, you CAN make money in both directions. Believe it or not, you can even make money when a stock does nothing !

How do we know this?

Malibu Investment has been trading, managing investments and empowering traders/investors since 1992. Key to this philosophy is making sure traders address the psychology of their trading style.

How we do this?

Malibu Investment seeks to guide active traders into structured and manageable, defined-risk stock and option positions, while employing disciplined approaches to preserving capital.


Malibu Investment is suitable for aggressive investors seeking returns in excess of money market returns, over the short to medium term, and who are prepared to experience above average volatility of returns.

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Investment Objective

Everyone wants to make money, right? We’ll, the objective of Malibu Investment is to earn a total rate of return that exceeds that of a traditional stock portfolio. Malibu Investment stocks and options are not represented by any well known index. Malibu Investment’s philosophy is that in order to provide above average returns with defined risk, Malibu Investment will use short sales, futures, options and other financial instruments to try to make that happen. Malibu Investment also takes into account macroeconomic trends, use of leverage and hedging techniques to accomplish this goal.