Past Trades

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20 Calls at $1.25, and another 20 calls at $1.50. Average cost $1.375 = $5480 on the line. Sold a day later at a avg. of $7.50 or $30K. Over 500%

American Airlines

Options dont have to be expensive. Case in point $AAL. 99 calls bought for 19c, $1881 on the line. Then 4 days later, sold for 71c, or 255% gains

$NFLX Why go out when you can stay in?

Contrary to popular belief, you dont need to take big positions to make good returns. Here, only 1 contract was purchased in Netflix for $705, and sold the next day for $2575, a nice 500% gain.

Home Depot

In this photo, $HD was traded with puts AND calls. For this type of fast action trading, you need to be on top of your game and trading in the zone. First puts for 350%, then calls for roughly 60%, then puts again for 80%. A total of 490% in about 4 days.

$IBM; all trades are NOT winners!

If youre wrong about a trade, the MOST important thing is to be mature enough to admit you’re wrong and sell out with a SMALL loss. Here in $IBM 7 calls were purchased at 82c for a $575 position, sold out 12 days later, a little too late at 13c or $101, an over 80% LOSS. BUT the loss is SMALL.


Here’s in an example of a winning trade in, with 10 calls at $1.20, sold for $2.70, turning $1200 into $2700 in seventeen days later, yes 17 days for 130%. We’ll take it !


Readers always have questions, and theres no such thing as a stupid question. I may be able to answer, I may not. But, many of these things are very new to new trader/investors. If at any time you have a question, reach out to easily accessible Malibu. Schedule a time for speaking on the telephone toll free.

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